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Wedding Cheese Cakes

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Cheddar (Montgomerys or Isle of Mull)
Superb handmade traditional cheddar which has the quality and unique and complex flavour of a traditional rinded cheddar.
(Non Veg, Pasteurised) Cow’s Milk

Montagnolo Blue
Montagnolo Affine is a blue, triple crème soft cheese made in Germany. Award winning cheese combines the rich texture and taste of a brie, buttery, creamy with the biting nature of a classic blue. It has a sweet aroma and a beautifully soft texture.
(Vegetarian, Pasteurised) Cow’s Milk

Baron Bigod Brie
Fabulously full-flavoured brie-style cheese. Hand made in Suffolk. Stunning cheese with a rich, full, earthy flavour and lingering finish.
(Non Veg, Unpasteurised) Cow’s Milk

White Nancy
Stunningly good handmade goats milk cheese with a slightly sweet, yet fresh taste and a crumbly texture
(Vegetarian, Unpasteurised) Goat’s Milk

Soft rind washed cheese made from cow’s milk with a soft centre. The cheese is matured according to a very demanding method of successive washings which gives it a beautiful orange colour. It’s a cheese that has a pungent, intense, and characteristic aroma which gives way to a mild taste.
(Non Vegetarian, Pasteurised) Cow’s Milk


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